• Rob Stimpson Presentation on Monday, December 7th at 7:00 pm

    Don't miss virtual presentation by award winning Ontario photographer, ROB STIMPSON on Landscape, The Landscape, Creating Images that tell a Story this Monday, December 7th, 2020 at 7pm.  Guests are welcome. Tickets $10 at Eventbrite.

  • Nature Salon, Gold Winners Talks & People Critique – Monday, November 23rd at 7pm

    On Monday, November 23rd, we will at long last see all the images entered in this year's Nature Competition.  The evening will start with the Nature Salon followed by Gold Winner Talks.  The evening will end with the People Critique.

    This will be a regular Zoom Meeting and will open at 6:45.  Please remember to enter with your full name and to mute yourself at 7pm.

    Hope to see you all there!



  • Editing Tips Education Night & Altered Reality Critique – Monday, November 16th at 7pm

    We will be having an evening of videos created by some of our seasoned members on various editing tip & techniques followed by the Abstract Reality Critique.

    This is a not to be missed evening.  This will be a regular Zoom Meeting and will open at 6:45.  Please remember to enter with your full name and to mute yourself at 7pm Monday, November 9th.  


  • Dave Brosha Webinar Presentation – Monday, November 9th at 7pm

    “One Of The Most Celebrated Creative Photographers In The World”, (NIKON) brings us his insights for creating great Portraiture.  

    Dave Brosha, one of Canada's most respected photographers, will be presenting "12 Lessons In Portraiture" followed by an interactive Q&A session live all the way from PEI.

    In this talk, Dave will take you through insights and lessons from a career spanning 15 years making portraits of people young and old. He'll touch on technical, creative, emotional, and real-life “dealing with people” considerations that you can put to work in your own portraiture.

    This is a not to be missed presentation.  The ZOOM Webinar will launch promptly at 7pm Monday, November 9th.  

  • Unlocked Challenge Bistro & Next Challenge Theme

    There have been some incredibly creative photos submitted for the "Triangles" challenge. The Zoom Bistro onThursday Nov 5 at 7:00 PM, promises lots of discussion.

    If an invite for the Bistro doesn't arrive in your mailbox, the link to it can be found on the ECC website. Login to the "Members Only" section and you'll find it in the dropdown menu under "Zoom – Obtain Login ID's for Upcoming Meetings". Sam Elogio will be the guest moderator and We are hoping there will be cameo appearances from his two highly photogenic dogs.

    The next challenge was suggested in the video Gareth Jones showed in his presentation last night, "Thirteen Creative Exercises for Photographers" (link below). Choose a small object – a stuffed animal, a flower, a hat, whatever you like – and take several photos in different locations, with your chosen object included somewhere in each composition, either as the main subject or lurking in the background.

    As usual, you can submit up to three photos, resized to a maximum of 1600 wide by 1200 high.

    Please submit by Sunday evening, Nov. 15th.

  • Gareth Jones – Creative Imagery, My Journey Presentation

    Don't miss seeing Gareth Jones this Monday, November 2nd at 7pm.  

    Gareth will bring insights from his journey to encourage photographers to embrace their creativity, and really push their images to the max.  If you plan on entering images for the upcoming Altered Reality Competition then you definitely need to see this presentation.

    The webinar will start exactly at 7pm.  Please log in using your full name.  The zoom invite will be posted under the members only section.

    Hope to see you all there!


  • PC1 Awards Salon & Winners Talks AND Nature Critique

    Monday, October 26th at 7pm.  Be sure to attend our image Salon highlighting entries to the PC1 Competition.

    Following the salon two experienced members of ECC will provide an image review and critique in advance of our Nature entry deadline. This is a great opportunity to see and hear comments which could help you strengthen and improve entries to the Nature Competition. Even if you are not entering the competition this is a great learning opportunity for everyone.

    See you all there!


  • Unlocked Challenge #3 – TRIANGLES
    After seeing the imagination in Harry Cartner’s presentation at the last ECC meeting (what a validation of the purpose of this challenge!) the series of his photos of geometric shapes stood out for me as a good theme for the next challenge. So I’m going with Triangles. They could be anything from the corner of your living room to a view framed by two mountain peaks, depending on how far you feel like travelling in the next two weeks.  As Harry’s images showed, if you look, you can see them practically everywhere.

    Up to three photos can be submitted. The requirement for limited photo editing has also been lifted. As before, images must be a maximum of 1600 wide by 1200 high (same size as competition) for upload. This challenge begins now, and photos are to be uploaded to the Smugmug folder by Sunday night, Nov. 1st. Upload and viewing links are below.

    Also as before, adding your name to the file name is extremely welcome, although certainly not obligatory if you’d prefer to be anonymous.


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  • Autumn Colours Unlocked Challenge Bistro Night

    Don't miss our fun Unlocked Challenge Bistro Night on Thursday, October 22 at 7:00 pm.  Fall is definitely in the air.  We had some lovely images submitted to our Autumn Colours challenge.  So put a log on the fire, curl up in a soft warm blanket with a cup of hot apple cider and join us that evening for a walk through crisp fallen leaves.

  • Harry Cartner “To See is a Continuing Gift” Presentation

    Don't miss our webinar presentation this Monday, October 19th at 7:00 pm.

    Harry Cartner will present "To See is a Continuing Gift".

    Creating impactful photographic images is not about the equipment. It IS about seeing – seeing light, seeing composition and capturing what you feel in the final image. This will be an entire evening of photographic excellence and inspiration with talented photographic artist Harry Cartner.…/harry-cartner-to-see-is-a….

    Please do not forget to log in with your full name and the presentation will starts at 7:00 pm, so don't be late or you will miss out.

  • The Unlocked Challenge

    ECC is now hosting a new and slightly different photo challenge. As announced in “Learning the Ropes”, this will have a somewhat wider scope than the Lockdown Challenge that ran during the summer. The “Unlocked Challenge” (and let's hope it stays that way!) will try to tie in with recent presentations from our Monday night meetings.

    Our First Assignment is inspired by last week's presentation by Don Komarechka, the challenge will be Close-up Photography. If you have a macro lens that's great, otherwise get really close, or use a telephoto, or crop. The subject can be anything you choose, and is not restricted to different compositions of the same thing.

    Up to three photos can be submitted that have been taken specifically for this challenge.  Please do not upload photos you have taken in the past. The requirement for limited photo editing has also been lifted.  As before, images must be a maximum of 1600 wide by 1200 high (same size as competition) for upload. The photos are to be uploaded to the Smugmug folder by Sunday night, Oct. 4th. 

    Also as before, adding your name to the file name is extremely welcome, although certainly not obligatory if you'd prefer to be anonymous.

    Snap Away!

  • Joe Desjardins Presents “Crazy About Wildlife Photography” on Monday, September 28, 2020 at 7pm

    The Etobicoke Camera Club presents Joe Desjardins LIVE on Monday, September 28, 2020 at 7pm.

    Joe will be presenting Crazy About Wildlife Photography followed by an interactive Q&A session.

    Crazy About Wildlife – Joe will discuss what’s in the camera bag along with helpful accessories. He will also talk camera settings and techniques. Maximizing compositions and light will also be explained. Joe will finish things off with tips on perfecting exposure and achieving tack sharp focus. Finding great locations will also be discussed!

    Topics that will be covered include:

    • What’s in the camera bag!
    • Settings and techniques
    • Maximizing composition and light
    • Tips on perfecting exposure and focus
    • How to find great locations

    You will leave with a better understanding on how to capture the diversity of Canadian Wildlife.

    About Joe Desjardins

    For nearly three decades, Joe has been immersed in the world of photography. He began his career as a studio photographer in Northern Ontario, Canada. Growing up in this remote area afforded him the opportunity to learn his craft while exploring the outdoors, making nature photography a perfect fit.

    Today, Joe works as a professional photographer out of Calgary, Alberta, focusing mainly on wildlife and landscape photography. He loves to share his knowledge and enthusiasm of photography with others through teaching, workshops and speaking engagements.

    “There is nothing more rewarding than when a fellow photographer/student comes away with an image they are proud of”.

    Joe is an award-winning and nationally published photographer who has earned multiple national accreditations in a variety of disciplines including equine, landscape, nature, wildlife and more. Joe has also garnered the designation of Master Photographer (MPN) in Nature Photography with MPIO, Master Photographers International.

    Joe is also a Panasonic/Lumix Ambassador and Lumix Storyteller.

    A limited amount of Guest tickets are on sale for $10 click on the link below:

  • PC1 Competition Deadline on Monday, September 28th

    Reminder that we are less than a week away from the deadline to enter your images for Photographers Choice 1 Competition.  Please consult the Rules of Competition for details on image sizing.  You can enter up to a maximum of 3 images.  Good luck!


  • Learning The Ropes Night on September, 21st at 7pm

    Learning the Ropes night is coming Monday, September 21, at 7 pm.  This is an important night for new and old members to attend as there are many changes this year because we are completely virtual.  Information about the program, outings, Viewfinder, the new Photo Evaluation Bistro and competitions will discussed.  This is your opportunity to ask questions and be informed. 

    The zoom invite can be found under Members Only section under Zoom Meetings or check your emails for the invite link.  Please be aware that this will be a regular zoom meeting with audio & video for all participants. Please log in with your full name.  Do not share the link publicly please!

    Hope to see you all online!


  • Theresa B. moves to Publicity
    It is my pleasure to announce we now have the position of Publicity Chair filled.¬† Etobicoke Camera Club is pleased to welcome Theresa Bryson to the Board of Directors. Theresa, as many of you know, has been on the Social committee working behind the scenes making coffee and tea for member nights….now she will be using her skills to advance our social media on Facebook, Instagram and Eventbrite.
    On a personal note I beyond thrilled to have my mentor and friend join me and our great team serving  this membership.
    Thank you so much Theresa look forward to having you on the board…judy preston (President)


  • Don Komarechka Presents “The Universe at Our Feet” on Monday, September 14, 2020 at 7pm

    The Etobicoke Camera Club has created an exciting lineup of accomplished photographers for their 2020-2021 VIRTUAL program.

    First in the ONLINE series, ECC presents Don Komarechka LIVE!

    Don Komarechka is a renowned macro photographer, educator and author. His work has been featured by BBC,CBC, NatGeo and Discovery Channel.  He will be presenting The Universe at our Feet followed by an interactive Q&A session.

    The Universe at our Feet– Macro photographers play by a different rulebook. The challenges faced from the subject matter, the equipment and even the laws of physics make this a challenging genre of photography. It can be abstract, it can tell stories, and it can spark your imagination. Everything from telling the story of a flower to discovering hidden narratives right in front of us, there is something magical to discover in the things we often ignore as human beings as well as photographers.

    A limited amount of Guest tickets are on sale for $10 click on the link below:

    Don't miss this great night.  Hope to see you all there!

  • Etobicoke Camera Club featured on CAPA Website & Facebook Page

    Proud to announce that Etobicoke Camera Club has been featured on the Canadian Association for Photographic Art Web Page and Facebook Page.  The article was featured to promote our new online season as well as our response to this year's Covid-19 restrictions.  Please take some time to read the article written by our very own VP Barb Marszalek.

    Copy of Full article below:

    Etobicoke Camera Club Virtual Presentations

    Back in early March, our Board of Directors had growing concerns about this Covid-19 that was beginning to affect Toronto. Our club has a large senior membership and we decided to err on the side of caution for their sakes. We voted to shut down our weekly meetings for a 3 week period and assess the situation at the end of March. By the end of March everything was shut down everywhere. Our Board jumped onto Zoom and started planning out the remaining 6 weeks of the our season in a virtual platform. Our last two competitions were switched from live judging to online judging, our end of season AGM & Townhall meeting were done live on zoom as was our grand finale year end awards.

    In order to provide some form of diversion for our many senior members who were self isolating, we began the Lockdown Challenge. A weekly photo challenge using a different subject each week that could easily be found in their own homes and gardens. Our subjects have ranged from, coffee cup, toys, lamp, light, water, blade, book, etc. We are currently still going strong with week 15 Reflections. We also meet every 2 weeks online in the Lockdown Challenge Cafe to discuss the past two weeks entries and connect with each other.

    Throughout the summer, our Board which normally would be on hiatus has been meetings regularly to organize our next season. We reached the decision early to run the first half of our program totally virtual online. We have found presenters from across Canada who would work with us virtually. All our competition judging was shifted from live to online. Our program director and president have spoken to other clubs in Ontario and found that many will not be holding a season at all because of the challenges of hosting during this Covid-19 threat. So we decided to offer all our presentations on Eventbrite so that those people could still enjoy attending a photography talk.

    Here is a link to our program calendar for this year and competitions calendar as well.

    We are hoping that by January 1st we will be able to safely meet in large numbers again at our location. Our plan is to continue to provide weekly meetings live or recorded, as well as our presentations to those who might still be too afraid or at high risk of contracting Covid 19.

    It’s been a huge learning curve for our Board and committee members. But I have been so thoroughly proud of how hard all of them have worked to make this upcoming season a go.

    Be safe,

    Barb Marszalek, Etobicoke Camera Club VP & Program Team Member