• SPEAKER, Dave of Freaktography presents Urbex images, Mon. Sept.25th 2017 at 7 pm

    The Etobicoke Camera Club is pleased to present urban explorer (URBEX) photographer, Dave of Freaktography fame on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th, 2017 at 7 pm hosted in the Humber Valley United Church.

    Freaktography: Defined as photographing the typically off-limits and unseen parts of civilization. The photographer behind Freaktography is a modern day explorer choosing to seek out and show the wonders and mysteries of our own backyards through unconventional photography and adventurous Urban Exploration.

    Club member entrance is free, guest fee in effect of $5.00 (which can be used against joining the club). Please come and join us for an interesting evening of Urbex type images captured by Dave of Freaktography.


  • LEARNING THE ROPES … new and returning member night, Mon. Sept.18th @ 7 pm

    COME OUT THIS EVENING, MONDAY SEPT. 18th at 7 PM . . . to the Etobicoke Camera Club at the meeting location of Humber Valley United Church for the ‘Learning the Ropes’ night. This is where members and guests can find out all about the club’s events, various services and outings as well as how to compete in the club’s image competitions. It’s also an opportunity to ask questions and socialize with other members and ask technical questions!


  • 2017/2018 Meeting season opener, Peter Baumgarten on Astrophotography

    THE ETOBICOKE CAMERA CLUB’S first club meeting for the 2017-2018 season on Monday, September 11th, 2017 at 7 pm, will feature Landscape and Nature professional photographer, Peter Baumgarten from Manitoulan Island. The meeting will be held in the regular meeting location of Humber Valley United Church at 76 Anglesey Blvd. in central Etobicoke.

    Peter’s presentation "Astrophotography, Photographing the Beauty of the Night Sky" will concentrate on night images and tips and techniques on how best to photograph them! Peter also has the distinction of being an Olympus Visionary (Olympus cameras) and can be reached at his own website of, as well as his Facebook presence, Peter Baumgarten – Creative Island Photography

    ALL WELCOME however there is a small $5 fee guest for non-members which can been applied to a club membership for those who want to join – a bargain to hear this top notch photographer! Come out and discover the world of photography at our active and friendly club in the heart of Etobicoke. Check out our program of other weekly ECC events which are now posted on the club website at


  • ADVANCE NOTICE – ECC 2017/2018 season Macro Workshop, Sat. Oct.21st

    ADVANCE NOTICE – MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP :  Etobicoke Camera Calub program content, schedule and speaker list will be published very soon but in the meantime ECC members will be interested to know of a pre-announcement that GTCCC speaker and educator, Robert Shechter will be hosting a Macro Photography lecture and hands-on Workshop on Saturday, October 21st 2017 at the Humber Valley United Church at a cost of $95.00.  Registration is limited to 16 participants. Above is the workshop flyer which includes further details.


  • For the Love of the Landscape by Ethan Meleg – Mon. Apr.10th, 2017 at 7 pm

    THE ETOBICOKE CAMERA CLUB … is pleased to present outdoor, nature and landscape photographer and lecturer, REthan Meleg at tomorrow’s Monday, April 10th, 2017,  speaker/presentation meeting starting at 7:00 pm hosted at the Humber Valley United Church with his talk titled, For the Love of the Landscape.

    Long time ECC members may remember Ethan from his last talk at the club 5 years ago (time flies!), sharing his images of travels near and far. This year Ethan returns to concentrate on landscape photography.
    Ethan is a freelance photographer from Ontario, Canada. He specializes in photos of outdoor recreation, landscapes, ecosystems, birds and wildlife. He is represented by major stock agencies and has been published by National Geographic, Canadian Geographic, Forbes, Ontario Tourism, Lonely Planet, Popular Photography and many more. Ethan is a popular keynote speaker, workshop leader and magazine columnist. He writes the humor and bird photography columns in every issue of Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine.
    Growing up near world famous birding hotspot Point Pelee National Park, Ethan often skipped school to watch songbirds during migration. By the time he was a teenager, he had developed an in-depth knowledge of nature. At 19, he received a hand-me-down camera from his parents and began to learn the basics of nature photography. In between watching birds and taking photos, he completed a degree in Environment and Resource Studies at Trent University. Before becoming a pro photographer, Ethan had developed a career as a nature guide and tourism specialist in national parks. Ethan lives in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario. His greatest passion in life is exploring the natural world through his camera, whether on exciting trips or in his own backyard.

    MONDAY’S TALK  –  For the Love of the Landscape! 

    Great landscape photos have the power to inspire us and evoke a sense of place! The best landscape photos have three key ingredients: dramatic light, strong foregrounds and depth of field from near to far. Ethan will share his top tips on techniques and gear (including filters) for making stunning landscape photos that will leave others saying ‘wow’!

    Please join us and bring a friend or neighbour if you can, for another look at some incredible landscape photography through the eyes and lens of our speaker, Ethan Meleg.  Guest fee of $ 5.00 in effect (put towards membership if you decide to join). 

    NOTE : Originally booked nature & landscape photographer’s talk by Galen Brown was replaced due to conflicting upcoming travel arrangements in Galen’s schedule.


  • ECC Speaker night, Mon. Mar. 6th 2017 at 7:00 – Toronto As I See It by Robert Shechter
    THE ETOBICOKE CAMERA CLUB … is pleased to present travel photographer and lecturer, Robert Shechter at the Monday, March 6th 2017,  speaker/presentation meeting starting at 7:00 pm hosted at the Humber Valley United Church with his talk titled, Toronto As I See It.

    With 40 years experience working in photography, combined with 25 years as a professor in the Ontario Community Colleges system, Robert worked as a commercial photographer, travel photographer, and as a highly regarded teacher and lecturer. Robert has been travelling with his cameras from the High Canadian and Greenlandic Arctic to Spain, from Iceland to Central Europe, Russia and Malta,
    and many places in between, sharing his impressions and experiences through slide shows and lectures. 

    Robert is a former resident lecturer at the Royal Ontario Museum, where he has lectured and taught a variety of photography classes. Currently, Robert is teaching Digital Photography classes at the Bernard
    Betel Centre and at his Teaching Studio in North York. Robert has produced shows – no mere travelogues, but rich in local history, architecture and culture – on behalf of Tourist Boards, Camera Clubs, and Social Clubs. His work has appeared in Toronto Life Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, and other publications.

    Do you think you know Toronto? Think again!  After living in Toronto for over forty years, photographer Robert Shechter rediscovered the city through his camera lens. Visit the city’s historic sites which witness our beginnings and heritage, our many thriving neighbourhoods with diverse ethnicities, languages, cultures, and religions.


    “Toronto as I see it” highlights the city’s avant-garde 21st century architecture, as well as lesser known sites, while meandering through the nature trails, parks and forests which make Toronto one of the greenest cities in the world.  “Toronto as ICE SEES IT” brings back memories of a recent episode in our city, with intensely beautiful diamond-studded trees shining in the sun. “Toronto as I see it” reflects how we live and function in one of the most civilized cities in the world.


    Please join us if you can for another look at Toronto through the eyes and lens of our speaker, Robert Shechter.  Guest fee of $ 5.00 in effect (put towards membership if you decide to join). 

    PLEASE NOTE : Originally booked photographer Steve Silverman’s talk on Black and White photography has been rescheduled to the Fall months, stay tuned for 2017/2018 ECC season schedule.


  • Photographing the World Around You by Ray and Mary Ann Anderson on Mon. Feb. 6th, 2017 at 7 pm

    THE ETOBICOKE CAMERA CLUB … is pleased to present professional photographer, Ray and Mary Ann Anderson at it’s upcoming Monday, February 6th 2017 speaker/presentation meeting at the Humber Valley United Church whose talk is titled, Photographing the World Around You.
    Traveling for over 30 years, photography has always been part of this couple’s itinerary.  The pair has visited over 40 countries.  They are particularly attracted to independent travel and exploring less traveled parts of the world — areas that have not yet been spoiled by tourism.  Their curiosity is about the landscape and the culture of each country they visit.  They extend their interest in people to learning about their religious practices and participating in their festivals and celebrations. 
    Ray and Mary Ann have been members of the Toronto Camera Club since 1993 and are also actively involved in a photo essay group.  For the past 20 years, they have been producing multimedia presentations of their journeys and are frequently asked to present at camera clubs and various venues throughout Greater Toronto and other parts of Ontario.  Their sensitive portrayal of culture, and the technical wizardry they use to enhance their presentations, may speak to their full-time careers.  Mary Ann is a social worker while Ray is an electronic engineer.  Their goal is to bring something new and different to every show they create – something you don’t see in usual travelogues.  
    Ray and Mary Ann’s catalogue of photographic and video travelogues include countries such as India, Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Tibet,  Bhutan, Ladakh, Nepal, Indonesia, China, Turkey, Peru, Guatemala and Western Europe including Iceland. 

    PLEASE JOIN US on Monday, Feb. 6th 2017 presentation at Humber Valley United Church for an inspiring talk and tour through some of the most picturesque places on the planet. 

    Guest fee of $ 5.00 in effect for the evening, to be put towards a club membership if you decide to join. 

  • Visual Narratives – From Landscapes to Hardscapes, pro photographer Spencer Wynn on Mon. Jan. 23rd, 2017 at 7 pm
    THE ETOBICOKE CAMERA CLUB … is pleased to present professional photographer, Spencer Wynn at it’s Monday, January 23th 2017 speaker/presentation meeting at the Humber Valley United Church whose talk is titled, Visual Narratives. From Landscapes to Hardscapes.

    A story teller at heart, Spencer’s career has taken him to extremes. Using his skills as a visual journalist, designer and photographer, Wynn has lived the stories he tells saying, “ One can only truly tell a story of a people or culture if you have lived with the people or in the culture”.
    His two-year documentary work on the 30th anniversary of the Bhopal gas disaster in India is one such example. Every day was spent with the survivors eating with them, sitting with them as they break down into tears, and even living in the slums with them – all to appreciate the essence of the story.
    He has also lived with Inuit in the Canadian Arctic, joining an Inuit hunting party on the polar ice. He has eaten raw seal, fresh from the ice when it was killed to feed several families and cloth the children. In the same polar region, he has sailed up the west coast of Greenland and into the Northwest Passage while documenting fishing villages, nature and lay on his stomach, inching slowly towards a large herd walrus to photograph them.
    His 10 trips to China have taken him to all regions of the vast country, living in caves, yurts, deserts and at high altitude. The ethnic diversity of China is a fascination for Wynn and a constant draw, luring him back.  Spencer is a creative person, always looking to push himself and his skills in order to stay current with technology and learn more about the diversity around him.

    Please join us if you can for a thoughtful and entertaining evening.  Guest fee of $ 5.00 in effect (put towards membership if you decide to join). 

    For additional insights and samples of Spencer’s work you can go his website located at,
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  • ECC is pleased to present Juraj Dolanski, on Macro Photography as it’s first speaker of 2017, Mon. Jan. 9th at 7 pm

    THE ETOBICOKE CAMERA CLUB … is pleased to present speaker and photographer, Juraj Dolanjski at it’s first meeting of the New Year, Monday, January 9th 2016 meeting start time of 7:00 pm, at the Humber Valley United Church who will  present two shows, one of which will focus on macro photography.
    Juraj Dolanjski is an Eleven Star Master Photographer, an imaging technology, Audio Visual and software expert. He has presented lectures at NFRCC and CAPA conventions and is sought after as a photography motivational speaker and workshop instructor in the Greater Toronto area. His work has been published in Canadian Camera Magazine and in trade publications and brochures. He has contributed his work to number of photography art exhibitions in the Hamilton and Burlington area.
    Please join us if you can for an instructive and entertaining evening concentrating on macro photography, among other things.  Guest fee of $ 5.00 in effect (put towards membership if you decide to join). 
    For additional insights and samples of Juraj’s work you can go to his site here,



    CHRISTMAS SOCIAL EVENING, 7:00 pm Mon. Dec. 12th, 2016  –  The ETOBICOKE CAMERA CLUB INVITES ALL CLUB MEMBERS and GUESTS to their annual ECC Christmas social gathering this coming and a time to have some photographic FUN with the presentation and judging of the FUN TRIOS Picture competition.  Members are encouraged to bring a small finger food item to share and snack on after the fun competition, there will be LOTS to eat. The meeting location is the regular hosting site of Humber Valley United Church.

    The TRIOS image competition (members must have previously submitted last week) has as it’s subject, three images that tell some sort of story or connection. It can be Christmas themed or not and can also include elements of humour if so desired. Text and text bubbles are allowed as well as borders but the image MUST be taken by the photographer.

    Looking forward to seeing you there for some fun, fellowship and some festive food!


  • ECC is pleased to present photographer, Lori Whelan on Mon. Nov. 28th, 7 pm, Architectural & urban images

    THE ETOBICOKE CAMERA CLUB … is pleased to present photographer, Lori Whelan at it’s Monday, November 28th 2016 speaker/presentation meeting at the Humber Valley United Church who will  present and speak about images focusing on architecture in Toronto.
    Lori has been working as a freelance photographer since completing a Diploma in Professional Photography in 2002.  Also an Occupational Therapist, researcher and educator, Lori uses photography as a medium to promote health and wellness through creative expression. A love for urban exploration has led her to photograph curious places and subjects including construction sites and machines, silos, abandoned structures and quirky architectural features and  buildings that are often unnoticed by rushed daily commuters.
    Today her images are focused on architectural details, isolating shapes and forms of the built urban environment, creating a minimal aesthetic that aims to de-clutter the frenetic experience of navigating city streets. Themes of social isolation and urbanization are explored. Capturing the rapidly changing cityscape and bringing awareness to buildings by writing about their historical significance, Lori’s work is frequently featured in Toronto urban news and culture publications.
    Paying attention to visual details such as the interplay of light and shadow on buildings, finding beauty in concrete and the ordinary, makes architectural and urban landscape a perfect choice to break up the monotony of daily routines and keep perspectives fresh. This evening, let’s do a virtual urban exploration. Together we will discover architectural styles and stories, and expand our creative thinking in the use of elements such as lines patterns, forms and framing to produce compositions with impact.
    Please join us if you can for a thoughtful and entertaining evening concentrating on shapes and forms of the Toronto landscape.  Guest fee of $ 5.00 in effect (put towards membership if you decide to join). 

    For additional insights and samples of Lori’s work you can go her 500px site page here,
    I am a Toronto-based photographer interested in urban landscapes, architecture, and historical preservation.


  • ECC welcomes photographer Andrew McLachlan this Monday to talk on Landscape photography


    THE ETOBICOKE CAMERA CLUB … is pleased to present landscape, wildlife and nature professional photographer, Andrew McLachlan Photography as the guest speaker and presenter to talk on the subject of landscape and nature photography, this coming Monday, November 14th, 2016 at 7:00 pm hosted in the usual meeting location of Humber Valley United Church. A small sample of his work can be seen above.

    Andrew is a freelance photographer / writer based near Barrie, Ontario. For as long as he can recall, he has been fascinated by the natural world. His photography became an extension of that love. If he did not own a camera, he would likely still be found hiking along dense boreal forest trails, canoeing through wetlands, and observing all that nature has to offer! 
    Extensive travels throughout Ontario have resulted in a large, diverse collection of images that feature landscapes and the flora and fauna of the province. In addition to photographing Ontario’s natural world I also have growing collections of Caribbean-related photos. Andrew has also been creating artistic renditions of his favorite images using a variety of Photoshop techniques, Photoshop plug-ins, and creative filters and effects for several years now.
    Andrew’s first eBook ‘A Photographer’s Guide to the Ontario Landscape ‘ is the first ever-comprehensive guide to photographing Ontario’s vast and varied landscape. There are many outstanding photo destinations throughout the province. In this e-book he has covered many of the best locations; from the remote Abitibi Canyon to Point Pelee, the Ottawa Valley to the Algoma Highlands and beyond, in an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow guide, complete with driving directions to each destination. This title is available for sale this evening on CD for the cost of $20.00 to members and guests.
    For more samples of Andrew’s work you can visit his online website at the following link, 
    Looking forward to seeing you all at the meeting!

  • ECC welcomes photographer Randall Romano on Monday to talk on Effectual Photography


    THE ETOBICOKE CAMERA CLUB … is pleased to present professional photographer, Randall Romano (Photography) as the guest speaker and presenter to talk on the subject of, Effectual landscapes and photography in general, this coming Monday, October 31st, 2016 (Halloween night) at 7:00 pm hosted in the usual meeting location of Humber Valley United Church.

    Randall found his passion for photography as  a teenager, through his father who was a amateur photographer.  Initially, Randall focused on nature subjects and capturing the beauty of the natural environment but after getting married and starting a family with four children the reality of commercial photography and more of a 
    ‘paying gig’ type venture was the direction which he took to pay the bills. Assignments included work to create calendars, greeting cards and magazines. Soon, he ventured into a variety of photographic forms such as sports, landscapes, events, architecture and stock. Another aspect of photography was architecture linked to custom home builders in rural Ontario to showcase their construction and finished product.
    Today, his photography is focused on the art of photography, rather than solely on commercial aspects. With the latter in mind, tonight’s presentation on why and how we photographers strive to make strong, meaningful images. Yet many of us fall short in accomplishing this. Sometimes our technical abilities need to be fine tuned, but more importantly our images lack a context or deeper meaning. How do we rise up to the challenge of making images that generate more interest or present an important thought? This presentation will discuss techniques to challenge your photography and encourage you to create more important interesting and meaningful images.
  • Monday, Oct. 17th, please join us for a presentation from Montreal-based creative photographer, Patrick Rochon



    ATTENTION  ETOBICOKE CAMERA CLUB members and guests : 

    The October 17th speaker presentation at the Etobicoke Camera Club will feature, Patrick Rochon, The Light Painter. It will be an extra special one, with our speaker and professional photographer joining us all the way from Montreal, Quebec!

    A sample of Patrick’s work can been seen above and below which is beautiful, creative and at the same time complex in it’s nature. 


    Patrick began light painting in Montreal in 1992. Five years later, Patrick came to understand that he was a light painter and chose to dedicate himself completely to this exploration while leaving other types of photography behind. Through this journey, he has encountered several unexpected and unusual creative projects collaborating with Butoh dancers in Japan, fashion magazines, movie-makers, hair salons, musicians and skin care products companies. 

    As such Patrick has been involved in and created projects for many, many companies which have included, Red Bull, Blend 285, Toyota (Lexus), Honda, Infiniti Motors, Chevrolet.  He has also done a campaign with the Minister of Education to encourage the youth in exploring their passions intensely without drugs. Many in the entertainment, creative and professional trades have also seeked Patrick out  to do portraits of actresses, TV personalities, doctors and other clients looking for art to enhance their living spaces.

    We encourage all members and guests to attend this presentation from this uniquely creative Canadian photographer for an evening of fun, fantastic images and an opportunity to learn about some of the techniques and tips as well as purchase some of the equipment used to create these stunning light painting images!

    Additional information about Patrick and his work can be viewed at this website online at,

    See you on MONDAY, OCTOBER 17th, 2016  starting at  7:00 pm,  hosted at :  HUMBER VALLEY UNITED CHURCH, in Etobicoke.


  • September ECC speakers, Juris Kornets & Jo-Anne McArthur!


    FOR THOSE ETOBICOKE CAMERA CLUB MEMBERS or GUESTS who were unable to make it out to the first couple of meetings, here are a few snaps of our first two speakers of the season, Jo-Anne McArthur (left) and Juris Kornets (right). 
    Juris Kornets our season opening speaker, is a world traveller and workshop leader who talked and showed attendees how to take street photographs of people in their own environments. Certainly images of places, buildings and scenery are the most easiest subjects to take travel pictures, however Juris showed us that to truely show what the world is like, one must try and take images of the people within it!
    Jo-Anne’s talk concentrated on photojournalism as it pertains to animal advocacy throughout the world. Many of those attending were moved and certainly became more aware of the plight of animals both here in Canada and overseas and their treatment all over the globe. For those who wanted a permanent record of Jo-Anne’s work copies of her animal advocacy project and book were available for sale on the night of her presentation called, We Animals.


  • New Members, Learning the Ropes night Sept. 26th, 2016 at 7 p.m.



    Tomorrow’s meeting is all about LEARNING THE ROPES and benefits and workings of the Etobicoke Camera Club –  Monday Sept 26 at 7pm.
    This is a great opportunity to learn from various committee chairs about the many benefits, events, competitions, rules and other activities provided by our club, and just generally how things work.  

    • Image Evaluation Chair, Lesley Kinch will briefly review the Rules of Competition. As these are quite extensive, it will be difficult to cover off every detail.
    • All members are encouraged to read these Rules, available on our website underRESOURCES (or click HERE) and become familiar with them before the meeting, if possible. This will save having to answer too many “basic” questions which are already well explained in the rules.  
    • Webmaster Frank Job will cover off the procedures for uploading images for competition. It is fairly simple, but well worth paying attention to, thus avoiding any last minute issues.
    • Programs Chair, Dave Hanson will discuss “What Judges Look For” which is always of great interest to everyone at EVERY level! 
    • Please note that for our first PC1 competition ONLY, the upload deadline has been deferred to this WEDNESDAY 8am, instead of the traditional Tuesday 8 am deadline we normally allow. This will give a little extra time for our new members to submit.
    • Reminder that ONLY those who are PAID UP members will be authorized to log-in and submit to the competitions. We encourage you to bring a cheque with your application and get an early start as a full member!

    These are just a few of the many topics to be covered. It will be a great LEARNING opportunity for everyone and will cover off a LOT of items about how our club runs.


  • Our next presenter on Sept. 19th is photographer, Jo-Anne McArthur



    Don’t miss our next exciting guest speaker at 7 PM on Monday Sept. 19th, at the usual Etobicoke Camera Club meeting location of, Humber Valley United Church located just east of Islington Avenue and south of Eglinton Avenue West.

    Jo-Anne McArthur, is a photojournalist and Animal advocate. Her love of travel, curiosity about people, animals and different cultures has lead her to over 40 countries on all 7 continents. 

    Read more about Jo-Anne at her website locate at address :

    Guests are welcome to Monday’s meeting and the nominal $5.00 guest fee can be used to offset a full membership should guests decide to join that evening!

    Additional details such as this season’s program, membership application and image competition information and online submission instructions including general info about the club can be found at the club website of, 


  • ECC Season kickoff presents photographer, Juris Kornets on Street Photography
         Topic : Street Photography – The Art of Photographing People and Cultures
    Speaker : Juris Kornets, professional photographer
    OUR OPENING SPEAKER and SEASON KICKOFF will be professional photographer and workshop leader, Juris Kornets on  MONDAY, SEPT. 12th at 7:00 pm, hosted at the Etobicoke Camera Club hosted in the Humber Valley United Church.  Guest entrance fee is $5.00 if you’re not already a member.
    With 30 years of experience photographing in over 40 countries, Juris will open your creative mind and inspire you towards a new direction that will take your photography to the next level. 
    Juris operates a commercial photography business Natural Selections Photography, servicing clients worldwide, from Peru, to France,  Thailand and India. He lectures and has taught photographers the specific skills required to photograph people and cultures.
    Juris’ photography has been exhibited worldwide, and appears in hundreds of private and corporate collections. One of his recent fine art photography books is, – “Saris in the Sun,” published at the end of 2006, presents a year’s shooting while traveling in Southeast Asia.
    An area of expertise has been the running of workshops and travel to Cuba, during which Juris has built an extensive network of local contacts, photographers, and artists. This enables workshop participants (some of whom have been ECC members) to get access and photograph behind the scenes places that are otherwise difficult to arrange. Workshops are led on the basis of not only learning photography skills, but of having a great deal of fun. Music is an important part of Cuban life, as is good food, friendship and a unique passion for living it to the fullest. 
    “Despite media depictions to the contrary, the world is a relatively safe and wonderful place.  On any given day, even in the remotest and seemingly primitive reaches, people are concerned  with making a living, taking care that their children grow up well, and worshipping their gods. To capture the unique moments among all that is a passion that strengthens over time, and has resulted in a body of work spanning three decades, in over 40 countries.”