• Sept. 11, 2017 Changes to GTCCC 2018 Competition Rules
    For new members, you should know that ECC won the pure nature competition at GTCCC last year, and tied in the Prints Division.  Pure nature is the hardest of all categories, because minimal manipulation of the image is allowed.  Our success was largely because we were urged to submit as many images as possible by Jocelyn, and everyone did– we submitted more images than any other club!  The winner is the club with the highest aggregate score from ALL club members in that category whose images are accepted.  So, ECC members, we are going to keep the nature category in 2018, RIGHT?  and WIN the prints competition!

    Remember to keep RAW images of what you submit to pure nature, because GTCCC will almost certainly ask to see them in 2018 as proof you did not overly manipulate your image.

    Jocelyn is away until our Oct. 16th, and has asked me to pass on the following changes to  GTCCC Competition Rules for 2018.  I think you will be pleased with the changes.
    1. Removal of the 8 digital/4 print OR 9 digital/3 print restriction.  The maximum number of entries will remain at 12 images; however, members can now submit to any category, print or digital, that they choose, without restriction.  This means they could submit all 12 images into Birds, or People, or even Prints, or any combination that they choose.
    2. Maximum print size has been reduced to 20"X 20" to make it easier and safer to transport them.
    3. Changes to the Photographer(s) of the year Award.  See below…

     A.  Diversity Photographer of the Year
    • There are 10 digital categories, plus an Annual Theme category and a Print category for a total of 12 categories.  To be eligible for the Diversity Award as Photographer of the Year, the entrant must submit at least one print, one image in the themed category, and at least 1 image in each of 8 of the other 10 digital categories.  The winner is the entrant scoring the highest total point count for their top scoring 10 submissions.  If the entrant submits a total of 12 images, only the top scoring 10 images (including the Theme and Print entries) will be considered.
    • Diversity Photographer of the Year winner will receive a plaque.   

    B.  Specialist Photographer of the Year – NEW

    • Recognizing that there are many outstanding photographers whose excellence lie in a limited sphere of categories, this award recognizes the photographer with the highest total score based on his/her top 10 scoring images, regardless of category.
    • Specialist Photographer of the Year winner will receive a plaque.
    NB.  One maker cannot win BOTH Diversity Photographer and Specialist Photographer of the Year awards.  If this happens, the maker with highest scores in both Diversity and Specialization will be awarded only the Diversity Photographer of the Year award, and the Specialist Award will be presented to the next highest scoring eligible maker.

  • Judges Seminar, Sep 23rd

    A New Judges Seminar will be held on Sat. Sep 23rd in Richmond Hill, cost is $110. Please reference gtccc site for full details.

  • Photo Retreat Oct13-14 @ Taboo Resort

    The 2nd  Annual GTCCC Fall Retreat will be held October 13-14 at Taboo Resort in Muskoka. It promises to be an amazing photography weekend. For full details please reference gtccc site

  • 2017 Inter-Regional Competition

    The 5th Annual GTCCC vs. NFRCC Image Competition will be held Sat. Nov 4 from 9:30-4:00pm at Toronto Camera Club. Cost is $15. For full details reference gtccc site