Virtual Meeting & Member Shows

I hope everyone is healthy and has been staying safe at home.  Our second virtual meeting of the season is this coming Monday, April 20th at 7:00 pm.  The room will be open earlier to allow people to chat before the meeting starts and get familiar with the setup.  Please note that if you do not disable your video than we can see you, so clothing is mandatory!  Also, please do not enable your audio if you have a lot of background noise such as music or a loud tv.   The meeting will start with a few announcements and updates from various board members.  The bulk of the evening will be a mini member show night of all the av shows I was able to obtain at our meetings before the shut down.  Next year we will definitely have another grand Member Show night on the calendar.  So microwave some popcorn, click on the link below and sit back and enjoy!

Lights, Cameras, Action,

Barb Marszalek, Program Chair