Unlocked Challenge Bistro & Next Challenge Theme

There have been some incredibly creative photos submitted for the "Triangles" challenge. The Zoom Bistro onThursday Nov 5 at 7:00 PM, promises lots of discussion.

If an invite for the Bistro doesn't arrive in your mailbox, the link to it can be found on the ECC website. Login to the "Members Only" section and you'll find it in the dropdown menu under "Zoom – Obtain Login ID's for Upcoming Meetings". Sam Elogio will be the guest moderator and We are hoping there will be cameo appearances from his two highly photogenic dogs.

The next challenge was suggested in the video Gareth Jones showed in his presentation last night, "Thirteen Creative Exercises for Photographers" (link below). Choose a small object – a stuffed animal, a flower, a hat, whatever you like – and take several photos in different locations, with your chosen object included somewhere in each composition, either as the main subject or lurking in the background.

As usual, you can submit up to three photos, resized to a maximum of 1600 wide by 1200 high.

Please submit by Sunday evening, Nov. 15th.