Unlocked Challenge #3 – TRIANGLES

After seeing the imagination in Harry Cartner’s presentation at the last ECC meeting (what a validation of the purpose of this challenge!) the series of his photos of geometric shapes stood out for me as a good theme for the next challenge. So I’m going with Triangles. They could be anything from the corner of your living room to a view framed by two mountain peaks, depending on how far you feel like travelling in the next two weeks.  As Harry’s images showed, if you look, you can see them practically everywhere.

Up to three photos can be submitted. The requirement for limited photo editing has also been lifted. As before, images must be a maximum of 1600 wide by 1200 high (same size as competition) for upload. This challenge begins now, and photos are to be uploaded to the Smugmug folder by Sunday night, Nov. 1st. Upload and viewing links are below.

Also as before, adding your name to the file name is extremely welcome, although certainly not obligatory if you’d prefer to be anonymous.


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