The Unlocked Challenge

ECC is now hosting a new and slightly different photo challenge. As announced in “Learning the Ropes”, this will have a somewhat wider scope than the Lockdown Challenge that ran during the summer. The “Unlocked Challenge” (and let's hope it stays that way!) will try to tie in with recent presentations from our Monday night meetings.

Our First Assignment is inspired by last week's presentation by Don Komarechka, the challenge will be Close-up Photography. If you have a macro lens that's great, otherwise get really close, or use a telephoto, or crop. The subject can be anything you choose, and is not restricted to different compositions of the same thing.

Up to three photos can be submitted that have been taken specifically for this challenge.  Please do not upload photos you have taken in the past. The requirement for limited photo editing has also been lifted.  As before, images must be a maximum of 1600 wide by 1200 high (same size as competition) for upload. The photos are to be uploaded to the Smugmug folder by Sunday night, Oct. 4th. 

Also as before, adding your name to the file name is extremely welcome, although certainly not obligatory if you'd prefer to be anonymous.

Snap Away!