Sunrise and ice – Saturday February 2nd

When: 7:15 AM Saturday February 2nd
Where : Colonel Sam Smith Park

This week’s weather has left some lovely ice conditions on the trees and shoreline down at the lake. With warmer weather approaching, this may not last beyond Saturday.

Weather forecast for Sunday is clear overnight, low of -10. Clear overnight, possibly some clouds – should make for good light at sunrise. Sunrise is at 07:35

Meet at the south end of the south parking lot – drive south on Kipling Avenue from Lakeshore right to the end of the road, there is a parking lot at the very end of the road. Footpath is walkable south of the parking lot. Be be extremely careful on the rocks along the shoreline – ice covered, and the crevasses between the rocks are snowpacked but will cave in if walked on.

Dress warm and bring a thermos!

All groundhogs are welcome.