St Johns Conservation, Sunday, May 13, 2018, 8:am

Special Notice:


There is chance of rain for all of this week in Toronto and Fonthill where St Johns is located. Please monitor the weather closely.

St Johns Conservation area located here. The address is  3101 Barron Rd, Fonthill, ON L0S 1E6. It is located near St Catherines and Fonthill. It is about 90 minute drive from Toronto. Use Google maps or physical map to find location. Do not rely on GPS devices as they may not recognize St Johns.

Time and meet up:

8 am. Sunday, May 13, 2018, subject to weather conditions. Just drive down Barron Rd straight into parking lot.

Wildflowers, such as trilliums, trout lily, bloodroot, hepatica, marsh marigold, ferns, jack-in-the-pulpit, mayapple, violets and others. As of May 10, trees and shrubs are in bloom. Check them out here; and here if you want to see images from St Johns.

Parking and washrooms are available free of charge.


This is an incredibly beautiful and little known conservation area. It is worth the short moderate hike alone, which is about 30 minutes in length. The terrain resembles High Park on and off trails, with some moderately difficult hills. There are birds, and sometimes you can see deer. Trilliums are the most abundant flower and are everywhere.

Touring by car:

The drive in and around the area is quite scenic and you may wish to make a day of it and explore the area as part of your trip.


Tripod; ​

Macro lens, or macro capable lens, if you have it. 50-200 mm lens is good for isolating subjects from a distance, such as turtles, occasional deer, leaves, branches and flowering shrubs. Wide angle lens if you plan to do tour or wide views of the forest. It can be muddy, so bring water resistant or gator like shoes.

Recommended: bring

 knee pads or plastic garbage bags to kneel


or lie on.

Weather: If moderate to heavy rain, outing is cancelled.

Outings Chair

John Roias – cell- 647 907 4152