Outing – Saturday December 15

When – Saturday December 15 4:00 PM

Where – The Centennial Park Conservatory, 151 Elmcrest Road, Etobicoke

What – 

The main greenhouse contains 200 different varieties of tropical plants that bloom year-round including palms, crotons, gingers, hibiscus, orchids and bromeliads. You can also find fruit trees such as banana, soursop and papaya here. 

The Conservatory has extended hours this December. They light candles at sunset (about 4:30 in December) giving some interesting lighting for shooting their collection. 

Tripods are permitted. It’s an excellent place for macro shooting. Very interesting floral displays.

One caution: the greenhouse is kept at higher humidity. Strongly suggest that participants take precautions to avoid fogging on entry…. eg to keep your camera warm, don’t spend time shooting outdoors beforehand, leave cameras in their case/bag until you are inside.

Directions – 

Elmcrest Rd runs north off Rathburn Rd in Centennial Park, west of Highway 427 and just east of Mill Road. Plenty of parking available. 

TTC 48 Rathburn Bus runs half-hourly from Royal York Subway Station.

Photo – Frank Job