O3C Open Challenge Competition UPDATE

1. Deadline for digital submissions will be May 30th. The digital copy of your print will also be due then, but the actual print will be submitted in September before the first O3C meeting (likely Sept. 26th, but actual deadline to be announced). The price per submission is go up to $3.00 from $2.00, with a cap of $30.00 on all submissions. NB. To allow time for the submission of the images, they must be given to June West, our O3C Rep on or before April 27th, our last meeting before the Annual Banquet.

2. There will be no changes to the twelve existing categories or rules governing those categories. See the O3C rules already posted in this space for 2019.

3. The Awards will be announced on Nov. 27th or 28th, 2020 at which time all accepted images will be projected. This will be a morning event with snacks available, but the venue is still to be decided. A cineplex theatre in Mississauga is one option being considered.

4. The topic for the new Theme category is Lines and Curves. Explanation to follow soon.