New Subway Stations, Sunday, Feb 4, 2018, 8:30 am


Meet-up and time: Sunday, Feb 4 – 2018, 8:30 am at Yorkdale Subway Station. This is necessary to buy an all day pass. You can park at Yorkdale near Mall located here.

​​Bear in mind there is no subway service before 8 am on Sundays. Please be on time.

It is possible for members to travel on their own without being in any group. It is up to you.

Fees and Conditions: One day pass is $12.50 for two adults. So partner up with someone and stay with them if you intend to get in and of the stations. Parking is free at some TTC lots on weekends, please check online here. Passes are not available at new stations. They are only available at some stations, so please check online for availability. Yorkdale sells passes.

What: Explore the architecture, the art and installations, the light.

Suggestions: Bring wide angle lens or wide angle zoom or any lens up to moderate range (16-150mm). Light levels vary, but generally are low except where there are windows. To increase percentage of sharp images and minimize camera shake, use ‘high burst’ mode and take two or three shots per subject. Use walls and fixtures to brace yourself. However do not impede the public.


 To see sample images click here.

Cancellation: If major storm, outing is cancelled. No alternate date at this time. Check for sudden Subway outages before leaving home!! We may have to cancel if cannot access the new stations.

**Special note: Do not bring a tripod. Too many complications and safety risks involved. Monopods are OK if used judicially and without causing any problems for safety, passengers or TTC personnel. It is a good idea to wear ECC membership card on coat (use any safety pin) and tell TTC staff what you are doing before you do it, as this will help to alleviate any concerns they may have about your activities. Sundays are slow with less people, however, avoid photographing people or TTC personnel without permission. Failure to follow these guidelines and those set out below by the TTC, could result in you being asked to leave.

Fortunately, there are washrooms in the new stations.

More Guidelines from the TTC:

– not to stand on the yellow line
– not to point flash onto oncoming trains (so as not to blind the operator)
– not to take photos of any of the security cameras and/or systems
– not to set-up tripods obstructing customer or creating tripping hazards and not to take photos of customers and/or TTC employees without their permission
– not to use tripods at platform level (mono pod could work)
– wear some sort of ID badge with the name of you camera club on it so that our frontline employees working in the stations know who you are.
John Roias
Outings Chair