Mountsburg Raptor Outing – Sunday, Sept 17, 2017

Due to higher than expected costs, I have made changes to Mountsberg outing. The session will now be for one hour, starting 9am to 10am. Same location here. Please check web site or Google for location. I apologize for the late change.  The cost is $200 + tax, abt- $226 total. Cost per person is total $226 divided by number of people attending. So for ten people, the cost is about $23 dollars each, more or less.
We have about ten people currently attending and we are allowed 15 people. If you still want to attend, please contact John Roias by email at
This is chance to photograph raptors, such as great owl, screech owl, Kestrel, Marlin, Peregrine Falcon. 
Where: 2259 Milburough Line, Hamilton, ON L0P located here. Near 401, just south of Guelph Line.
When: 9 am to 10 am. 
What: Birds of prey, hawks, owls, falcons, marlin, kestrel, etc.
Recommendations: Bring any long lens from 200mm and up.
Outings Chair
John Roias