Latest results from CAPA Altered Reality Club Competition February 28 submissions

Hello fellow ECC Members, the club recently submitted 6 images for the CAPA Altered Reality Club Competition. The submitted images are seen below: 

We did very well and finished in 3rd place with 128.5 points, 1/2 point behind 2nd place and 3 points behind 1st place.

I thank all photographers who participated in this competition; that is, Albert Kurtz,  Alex Konyukov, Christine Kobielski, Eva Michalak, Theresa Bryson, and myself.

The competition results can be seen in the attached PDF entitled “Altered-Reality-Club-Final-Competition-Report-1”

Congratulations to us! 
Michel Gagnon

pdf icon Altered-Reality-Club-Final-Competition-Report-1.pdf