Join Our Team!

ECC needs your help!
We are urgently looking for someone to join our Board and assume the position of Treasurer. Our current treasurer Dario has stepped down. Thank you Dario for your years of service to the club. This leaves a very important role vacant. Below is a job description of the position. You would be a vital member of ECC and help the club continue producing amazing programs.
If you are interested please contact our President, Judy Preston ASAP!!! Thanks.

The Treasurer assumes the care of the monetary assets of the Club and manages the financial affairs of the Club
in accordance with Section 10 of the Constitution and as directed by the Board. The Treasurer is a voting
member of the Board of Directors and attends all Board meetings.
The Treasurer will:
 Maintain the Club’s bank account(s) to ensure safe storage and appropriate disbursements of the Club’s
funds in accordance with directives from the Board, creating separate bank accounts for special projects
and events of the Club if so directed by the Board. The bank must be suitably located in the area of the
Club’s operation.
 Arrange with the bank for the appropriate Signing Officers of the Club’s account(s), designated as any
two (2) of: the Treasurer, the President, the Past President and the Secretary. Consequently the
Treasurer will act as one of these Signing Officers.
 Receive and archive all bank correspondence, including the monthly Account Statement.
 Receive any amounts paid to the Club, issue a receipt, and deposit the monies into the appropriate Club
bank account in a timely manner.
 Collaborate with the Membership Chair to register members upon receipt of annual membership fees,
this fee structure established annually by the Board, and to provide each registered member with a
membership card signed by the President and Treasurer.
 Issue cheques to reimburse Board, Committee or Club members for expenses incurred on behalf of the
Club, upon presentation of receipts, provided that the amount is within the annual maximum established
by the Board for routine budgeted expenses or has received prior approval from the Board.
 Maintain the Club’s receipts and disbursements journals, and prepare a monthly Bank Reconciliation in
accordance with an accounting system deemed suitable by the Board and the Club’s Auditor.
 Prepare an annual Budget for review and approval by the Board at a meeting held before the first
Regular Meeting of each season and a Year-End Financial Statement at the end of each season.
 Prepare periodic Interim Financial Reports for review and approval by the Board at each of its regular
Board Meetings and at other times, as directed by the Board, permit an appointed Board member to
inspect the Club’s financial records.
 Arrange to have the year’s financial records audited by the Club’s Auditor and provide the Auditor with
all relevant documentation and information upon request. The resulting Audited Financial Statement,
signed by the Treasurer and Auditor, is to be presented to the Board for review and approval at the first
meeting following the end of the Club’s financial year on June 30th