High Park, Sunday, Jan 14, 2018, 8 am

Meet: Sunday, Jan 14 – 2018 Grenadier Restaurant parking lot located https://goo.gl/ris7ez

Time: 08:00 am. We will not be waiting, so please arrive on time so we can proceed. 
What: Mostly nature, winter, water and ice scenes; some Birds, some people.

Suggestions: Dress warm with layers and good warm, waterproof boots. -7 to-10 is expected. Also look for hot pads to insert in boots or gloves. Bring tripod for maximum sharpness. Monopod for mobility. Lenses from wide angle to moderate zooms (50-300mm), Longer lenses for birds.

Samples: To see sample images of winter in High Park click here.

Cancellation: If ice or major storm, outing is cancelled. Unfortunately, no alternate date at this time.

Special note: Look for Theresa B, as your outings Leader and Guide.

John Roias

Outings Chair