High Park, Sunday April 29, 2018

Time and Place: High Park located here.  Meet 7 am start for best light at Grenadier Restaurant Parking lot.

What: Birds, people, post-sunrise light, trees, paths, shrubs etc. For samples check here:
Parking and washrooms are available free of charge.
Recommendations: Bring any lens combination and a Tripod. The cherry blossoms are not out, but the Willows look really good and have an orange-brown colour. 
Note: If the trees and shrubs are budding, this will be a good opportunity to photograph them and practice for the upcoming St Johns Conservation outing that will feature wildflowers. Outing will occur either May 6 or May 13. Please monitor emails and ECC website. So bring Macro or any lens that has macro capability. The key is to isolate subject and surround it with soft bokeh (out of focus background)  Use large aperture to achieve this, such as f2.8 to 5.6. 
Bring: Macro lens if you have it. 50-200 mm lens is good for isolating subjects from a greater distance, such as branches, single tree, person a path, etc.
John Roias
Outings Chair – cell- 647 907 4152