High Park, Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dear members:
Unfortunately, the date of April 23 is not available for booking Raptor photo shoot at Mountsberg. And due to time constraints and other club related activities I am not able to organize an alternate date for Mountsberg in time for this season. We will try for next season if there is enough interest.
New Location: Sunday, April 23 to High Park for 8 am. Meet at Grenadier Restaurant parking lot. If the cherry blossoms are out, we start there. If not we will do walk around the Pond and other areas.

Time: 08:00 am. We will not be waiting, so please arrive on time so we can proceed. 

What: Nature, Birds if available, some people; Possibly cherry blossoms and other flowering shrubs and trees.
Parking: is located all over the park.

Recommendations: Bring Tripod for best results.

Weather: If light misty rain, we proceed. In the event of any other kind of Rain or storm winds, outing is cancelled. Please check forecast before leaving home.

John Roias

Outings Chair