Downtown Toronto, Sunday Nov 12, 2017, 8 am

Meet: Sunday, Nov 12 – 2017 at Corner of Church and Front St located here.  Second Cup is located at this corner.

Time: 08:00 am. We will not be waiting, so please arrive on time so we can proceed. 
What: Mostly architecture, abstracts. Some people photography.

Parking: paid parking located on Church, south of Front St and many other nearby locations. Parking is free in designated areas on city streets until 1 PM. Do so at your own risk.

Suggestions: Dress warm with layers. Bring tripod for maximum sharpness. Monopod for mobility.

Samples: To see sample images of downtown Architecture, click here or here.

Cancellation: If raining or extreme high winds, outing is cancelled. Check weather before leaving home.

John Roias

Outings Chair