O3C Judges Course

O3C Judges Course Application 2021-22

● This is an all day course from 8:00-4:00 which is open to anyone who wishes to
become a judge or merely to learn more about the judging standards to improve his
or her scores. Normally it is limited to 25 applicants, but since it will be done virtually

this year more applicants will be accepted.

● The tentative date for 2021 is Oct.16, so set aside that date on your calendar.
Application date might be as early as Feb. 1st.

Virus-free. www.avg.com


1. Congratulations to ECC’s members who were chosen to participate in the NFRCC vs OCCC competition held Nov. 21st. All six submitted images scored in the top 25% in the category. Three were awarded HMs against fierce competition.

de Milleville, Hugues, HM (34) for Screech Owl with Young in Animals
de Milleville, Hugues, HM (34) for Anxiously Waiting in Pictorial
Gagnon, Michel, 31 for Lady in Red in Pictorial
Griffin, Judy, HM (34) for Sunrise Alabama Hills in Nature
Job, Frank, 33 for Pixie in Pictorial
Szufnara, Janus, 31 for Happiest Synchronic Jump in People in Action

Images and Scores for all contestants.

2. OCCC won the OCCC vs NFRCC competition again.

Open Challenge Competition 2020-2021 is a GO!

● O3C Challenge Images are entered through our Members Only Club Website where
one of the options under competitions will be O3C Open Challenge. You may enter
up to twelve images into whichever of the eleven categories you wish. Entry fee is
$3.00 per image, to a maximum of $30.00. Pay by E transfer to Clive Tonge, Club
treasurer **details to come **.

● You may upload images beginning Feb 1st, 2021. Deadline for entries is
April 30th, 2021.

● NB. Your image must not exceed 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels height, so will
likely require resizing before submission.

● Entry submissions to be made by our Club Rep – June West. Feel free to contact at june.west@gmail.com

Please download the current
Rules and Guidelines.

Here are the Results of the 2019 Competition.