Learning The Ropes Education NIght

On Monday, September 16 will be Learning the Ropes. A must for both new and old members. Come out to learn all the new changes to this years competition rules. Also get to know the Board Members, our list of outings this scheduled, and so much more. See what ECC members have been up to over the summer break in the special show, “I know What you Did This Summer”. All in attendance will have the chance to win a "Henry's Gift Card" Prize at the end of the night.


April 29,2019 Underwater Photography

TOPIC : Underwater Photography


SPEAKER : Stuart Seldon, professional photographer
DATE/TIME : Monday, April 29th, 2019 at 7:00 pm
LOCATION  : Humber Valley United Church, Etobiocke
Please join ECC members and guests for an speaker presentation by professional underwater photographer, Stu Seldon. Guest fee of $10.00 for non-members applies … parking is free.
Stuart became a certified diver in 1974, and purchased a Nikonos III later that same summer, at age 17 with a fraudulently obtained bank loan. Over the years he wasted countless rolls of film, but managed to learn a few things about the unique challenges of underwater photography while shooting shipwrecks and critters. His earliest published images were shot in the Cape Anne region of Massachusetts and published in a British newspaper at the age of 22.
Many years, and many cameras later, Stuart moved to a digital system which re-kindled a fading interest. The improving visibility in the Great Lakes opened up new opportunities for wreck photography.
Since then, images have been published in several magazines including Diver, Alert Diver, Sport Diver and Zoomer. His images can be found on many of the area’s dive shop’s websites, several Caribbean resorts and on the BC Dive Industry Association’s promotional material. He has also contributed to e-publications about Belize and British Columbia.
Last fall, Stuart was the subject of an 8 page article in Diver Magazine, where he finally achieved his 15 minutes of fame! Here is Stuart’s official website:


Will take a look at the unique challenges and rewards of underwater photography  –  from the cold Canadian waters to warmer climes and fish.
Please join us for our last official speaker meeting of the 2018/2019 ECC season.
See you there!

Monday, April 15-The Challenges (and Rewards) of Travel Photography by Guest Presenter Rob Stimpson

Tonight's talk will be a light hearted look as well as some technical aspects of the challenges of travel photography. From travelling in polar climates as well as Europe, North America, Central and South America – lots of tips and images that can help you with your next adventure.

Guest fee of $10.00 for non-members applies … parking is free.

Rob Stimpson works in the tourism world; he is an internationally published, award-winning photographer. He teaches photography part time at Fleming College as well as runs workshops throughout Ontario. His working in Basle Switzerland as a photographer’s assistant laid the foundation for his success today. His first commercial break through came from selling images to Canada’s prestigious National Film Board. Rob has photographed for Ontario Tourism, Ontario Parks and Parks Canada for many years. His work has appeared on the covers of Ontario Parks Guides, calendars, magazines and national ads for the province and Canada. He has garnered numerous awards, including a Northern Lights Award from the Canadian Tourism Commission and Best Travel Photography Award from the Ontario Tourism Summit. In October 2012 he was nominated and accepted into the College of Fellows in the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

See you there!

Sunday, April 14 Big Outing Day

This Sunday, April 14,2019, we have a big day planned. A sunrise shoot benefiting the Cambodian Children's Fund and another “film” challenge in Graffiti Alley.

First the sunrise shoot. We will meet at Sheldon Lookout which is just at the west end of the Humber Pedestrian bridge. We usually park on Marine Parade Drive. As sunrise is at 6:20, get there early. The group will be setup along the water. I will be accepting your donations and giving them to the Host, Alicia at breakfast. Suggested donation amount is $10

Breakfast will be at Sunset Grill located in the Metro shopping mall at Parklawn and Lakeshore.

After this, we will make our way to Graffiti Alley, meeting at the East end on Spadina just 20 feet South of Queen. Parking is free on city streets till 1pm. Don't be leaving any tempting goodies visible in your car if you park on the street. That area is not getting better.

The “film” challenge this time will be themed. Shadows and Lines. B&W preferred. Again 24 consecutive shots. Jpgs will be collected when we finish at Loblaws at Portland and Queen. We'll have coffee inside. As before, participation is optional and I will produce a slideshow. Each person's 5 best shots will be in the show.

Continuing this marathon outing, several of us will be doing a bit of a walkabout up Spadina for an hour or two. All are welcome to join.

So, to summarize:

05:45 arrive at Sheldon Lookout

06:20 sunrise

07:30 breakfast

10:00 Graffiti Alley Challenge starts

11:00 Challenge finished

11:30 Jpgs collected by frank j

12:00 outing is over. casual walkabout as u wish

frank j

Image of the Year Competition

Reminder that photos for the Image of the Year are due by midnight Monday, April 8th. All digital images that received ribbons in the regular competitions during the latest season are eligible. In addition, each
member may submit 2 entries that received 18 or more points during the season.
For example, a member who received a total of 4 ribbons in regular competitions may submit a total of 6 entries (the 4 ribbon-winning images and 2 other images which scored 18 or more points = total of 6).


photo credit by Christine K

Graduate, Picasso Style (Image of the year 2017-2018)

Deadine for OCCC Competition on April 1st!

  1. The last day for entries into the OCCC competition for ECC members will be Monday April 1st.
  2. OCCC rules technically allow an image size to differ from the recommended 1920 wide x 1080 high. But, our ECC website has been set to only accept entries that conform to the 1920 wide x 1080 high requirement. So this means that your images cannot exceed 1920 wide or 1080 high. They can be less than 1920 x 1080 but they can’t be higher.