Sunrise and ice – Saturday February 2nd

When: 7:15 AM Saturday February 2nd
Where : Colonel Sam Smith Park

This week’s weather has left some lovely ice conditions on the trees and shoreline down at the lake. With warmer weather approaching, this may not last beyond Saturday.

Weather forecast for Sunday is clear overnight, low of -10. Clear overnight, possibly some clouds – should make for good light at sunrise. Sunrise is at 07:35

Meet at the south end of the south parking lot – drive south on Kipling Avenue from Lakeshore right to the end of the road, there is a parking lot at the very end of the road. Footpath is walkable south of the parking lot. Be be extremely careful on the rocks along the shoreline – ice covered, and the crevasses between the rocks are snowpacked but will cave in if walked on.

Dress warm and bring a thermos!

All groundhogs are welcome.

Outing – Saturday December 15

When – Saturday December 15 4:00 PM

Where – The Centennial Park Conservatory, 151 Elmcrest Road, Etobicoke

What – 

The main greenhouse contains 200 different varieties of tropical plants that bloom year-round including palms, crotons, gingers, hibiscus, orchids and bromeliads. You can also find fruit trees such as banana, soursop and papaya here. 

The Conservatory has extended hours this December. They light candles at sunset (about 4:30 in December) giving some interesting lighting for shooting their collection. 

Tripods are permitted. It’s an excellent place for macro shooting. Very interesting floral displays.

One caution: the greenhouse is kept at higher humidity. Strongly suggest that participants take precautions to avoid fogging on entry…. eg to keep your camera warm, don’t spend time shooting outdoors beforehand, leave cameras in their case/bag until you are inside.

Directions – 

Elmcrest Rd runs north off Rathburn Rd in Centennial Park, west of Highway 427 and just east of Mill Road. Plenty of parking available. 

TTC 48 Rathburn Bus runs half-hourly from Royal York Subway Station.

Photo – Frank Job

Outing – Sunday Dec 9th

Upcoming outing – When: Sunday December 9, 3:30PM Where: Meet at Nathan Phillips Square, Queen and Bay Street, near the Southwest corner of the skating rinks. Attractions: Architecture (in time for the Architecture competition deadline!); Holiday decorations at Nathan Phillips; People. Zamboni’s – Public skating will be open. Sunset is at 4:30 PM, our visit will permit photos in afternoon light and after sunset. We plan to walk west on Queen to Spadina after sunset – opportunity for glint shots (sun permitting), street photography and after-dark photography, especially in the “blue hour”. There is plenty of ambient light for street photography, and good skyline angles, along the sidewalk from the Spadina/Queen vicinity. Other information: City Hall security discourage use of tripods in Nathan Phillips Square (monopods seem to be OK). Dress for the weather. Lots of coffee shops on Queen Street! – Paul Cordingley

Oct 14,2018 730am Mt. Nemo

Date: Sunday October 14th – 7:30 AM 
Location : Mount Nemo Conservation Area, Guelph Line, (North of QEW, South of 401)

Attractions: This is a Nature preserve, with several lookouts from the top of the Niagara Escarpment looking east to Milton and beyond. Great fall colours, should have good light right after sunrise.

Here is the location link for Mount Nemo at google:
Park Fee is $6 seniors; $7 adults. Bring exact change. 
Bring good hiking or water resistant shoes with good ankle support. Be aware that trail conjoins with Bruce Trail, so do not follow it beyond the loop indicators of side trail. There are maps available on site.
We will meet in the parking lot on Colling Road just east of Guelph Line. Sunrise is at 7:26.

Waterfront Outing


Please monitor ECC website for official Outings. There will be one in September; one in October. Also Ad-hoc outings


Waterfront Walk

Date and time:

Sunday, Sept 23- 2018, 9 am. Please be on time. We will not be waiting.

Meet-up: The starting location for the walk is on the south-east corner of Bathurst St. and Queen's Quay West. Doug Gibson a volunteer with ROM will lead. Look for his purple umbrella. If heavy rain expected, the outing may be cancelled. Please monitor website and weather for updates.

What: There are wonderful sculptures, old and crumbling silos, parks with flowers, beaches and birds, boats, wide skyline views and the new wave decks that would lend themselves to some interesting photos.

Fees: This is Fee based walk. Cost is 10 dollars per person, minimum 10.

Comments: This is volunteer's description:

There are wonderful sculptures, old and crumbling silos, parks with flowers, beaches and birds, boats, wide skyline views and the new wave decks that would lend themselves to some interesting photos. (Walk is about 100 minutes or more)

Recommendations: It may be best to take TTC. Bring wide to moderate telephoto lens. Tripod is optional. Given that we will be on the move, it is best to leave it at home or use monopod as alternate. But remember you will carrying it around.


John Roias

Outings Helper,

Ad hoc Outings


Please monitor ECC website for official Outings. There will be one in September; one in October.


Etobicoke Valley Park ad hoc Outings


Meet-up: Parking lot of Etobicoke Valley Park located here at 615 Horner Ave, Toronto, Ontario


Dates and times (weather permitting):

Monday, Sept 3, 6 – 8:15 PM

Tuesday, Sept 4, 6 – 8:15 PM

Wednesday, Sept 5, 6 – 8:15


What: Scenery, including trees, creek itself at sundown is great, rapids, two water falls; plants, such as golden rod, woodland sunflowers, thistles; animals: black crowned night Herons (most every night), occasional Great Blue Heron and Egret, ducks, garter snakes, cardinals, hawks.


Please monitor weather. If rain, outing is cancelled. Bring umbrella if there is chance of rain. If heavy overcast, you may wish to pass on outing.


Conditions: a smooth tar-lined trail from parking lot in north (near Evans Ave) to Marie Curtis Park in south, approx. 2.5 kilometers. Many small trodden paths to water's edge and through slightly wilder areas.


Comments and Recommendations: Good prep and practice for autumn and landscape photography; Bring mosquito repellant, good hiking shoes or boots. We walk about one hour one way, then one hour back. Marie Curtis Park has a bathroom. Tripod is an option but a must if you intend to shoot rapids or use slow shutter speeds.


To see images of Etobicoke Valley Park click here.


John Roias

Outings Helper