Lockdown Challenge Week 8

It was lovely to see the idea of “light” being interpreted in so many beautiful and creative ways in last week's challenge.

This week's theme is “Toolbox Still Life”.

Think of all those “Old Masters” paintings of bowls of fruit, but with hammers, screwdrivers etc.

Just a reminder, photos are meant to be taken specifically for these challenges.

Please upload your images by Sunday 6pm.

Boilerplate information:
If you want people to know it's your image, put your name in the filename. (example, The Owl – BarbM.jpg)

1600×1200 max as usual.
These pictures are not part of the normal club competition process and remain eligible for entry into a future competition.

Lockdown Challenge Week

In recognition of this Saturday being the longest day of the year, this week's challenge is


From your backyard or front yard, or balcony, or window. Could be a sunrise, sunset, streetlight, starlight, headlight, porch light.
Please upload your images by Sunday 6pm.

Boilerplate information:
If you want people to know it's your image, put your name in the filename.
1600×1200 max as usual.
These pictures are not part of the normal club competition process and remain eligible for entry into a future competition.

Lockdown Challenge Week 6!

Our Lockdown Challenge for Week 6:  Books.

Clearly the “Vintage” challenge struck a chord with a lot of people. ECC members have some very interesting and beautiful objects around their homes.  Please upload your images by Sunday 6pm.  We can't wait to see all your amazing "Books" photos.

Join Our Team!

ECC needs your help!
We are urgently looking for someone to join our Board and assume the position of Treasurer. Our current treasurer Dario has stepped down. Thank you Dario for your years of service to the club. This leaves a very important role vacant. Below is a job description of the position. You would be a vital member of ECC and help the club continue producing amazing programs.
If you are interested please contact our President, Judy Preston ASAP!!! Thanks.

The Treasurer assumes the care of the monetary assets of the Club and manages the financial affairs of the Club
in accordance with Section 10 of the Constitution and as directed by the Board. The Treasurer is a voting
member of the Board of Directors and attends all Board meetings.
The Treasurer will:
 Maintain the Club’s bank account(s) to ensure safe storage and appropriate disbursements of the Club’s
funds in accordance with directives from the Board, creating separate bank accounts for special projects
and events of the Club if so directed by the Board. The bank must be suitably located in the area of the
Club’s operation.
 Arrange with the bank for the appropriate Signing Officers of the Club’s account(s), designated as any
two (2) of: the Treasurer, the President, the Past President and the Secretary. Consequently the
Treasurer will act as one of these Signing Officers.
 Receive and archive all bank correspondence, including the monthly Account Statement.
 Receive any amounts paid to the Club, issue a receipt, and deposit the monies into the appropriate Club
bank account in a timely manner.
 Collaborate with the Membership Chair to register members upon receipt of annual membership fees,
this fee structure established annually by the Board, and to provide each registered member with a
membership card signed by the President and Treasurer.
 Issue cheques to reimburse Board, Committee or Club members for expenses incurred on behalf of the
Club, upon presentation of receipts, provided that the amount is within the annual maximum established
by the Board for routine budgeted expenses or has received prior approval from the Board.
 Maintain the Club’s receipts and disbursements journals, and prepare a monthly Bank Reconciliation in
accordance with an accounting system deemed suitable by the Board and the Club’s Auditor.
 Prepare an annual Budget for review and approval by the Board at a meeting held before the first
Regular Meeting of each season and a Year-End Financial Statement at the end of each season.
 Prepare periodic Interim Financial Reports for review and approval by the Board at each of its regular
Board Meetings and at other times, as directed by the Board, permit an appointed Board member to
inspect the Club’s financial records.
 Arrange to have the year’s financial records audited by the Club’s Auditor and provide the Auditor with
all relevant documentation and information upon request. The resulting Audited Financial Statement,
signed by the Treasurer and Auditor, is to be presented to the Board for review and approval at the first
meeting following the end of the Club’s financial year on June 30th


Final Virtual ECC Meeting of the Season

The Virtual ECC Meeting “The Year End Awards and Image of the Year Salon and Awards”, is TOMORROW May 4th, 2020 at 7:00 PM EDT,

All you need to attend is a web browser. It can be on you computer, tablet or phone. You don't need to download or setup any special software.  Check the email sent for the url.
Please register so that we know who was in attendance. The email is only being used to send you the Event URL for your reference. (be sure to Choose the Image of the Year. You can use the same URL to see the Archive of last weeks meeting.

You may also want to join us on Zoom if you want to see everyone attending or use the chat.
Topic: IOTY Salon & Year End Awards Virtual Night
Time: May 4, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Check the email for sign instructions.

AGENDA (Estimated Timing)

  • 7:00 Welcome – Thank you to the out going Board and Committee Members
  • 7:10 Award Presentations … Well announcements really
  • 7:40 Image of the year Salon
  • 8:30 Thanks and Goodbyes

Barb Marszalek, Program Chair


Virtual Meeting – PC2 Salon & Gold Winner Talks

Don't forget that on Monday, April 27 at 7pm we will have another Virtual Member Meeting.  Please log in watch all the images from our last competition PC2 that had to be judged online because of social distancing.  Find out which images won ribbons and listen to the Gold Winner Talks.  The originally scheduled Town Hall Meeting has been moved to May 4th.  Please check your emails for a link to the meeting.

See you online,

Barb Marszalek, Program Chair


Virtual Meeting & Member Shows

I hope everyone is healthy and has been staying safe at home.  Our second virtual meeting of the season is this coming Monday, April 20th at 7:00 pm.  The room will be open earlier to allow people to chat before the meeting starts and get familiar with the setup.  Please note that if you do not disable your video than we can see you, so clothing is mandatory!  Also, please do not enable your audio if you have a lot of background noise such as music or a loud tv.   The meeting will start with a few announcements and updates from various board members.  The bulk of the evening will be a mini member show night of all the av shows I was able to obtain at our meetings before the shut down.  Next year we will definitely have another grand Member Show night on the calendar.  So microwave some popcorn, click on the link below and sit back and enjoy!

Lights, Cameras, Action,

Barb Marszalek, Program Chair

Virtual Meeting Monday, April 6

Join us on Monday, April 6th for our first ever virtual online meeting.  Instructions have been sent to all members with the link.  The meeting will be open early to give everyone a chance to login in and get comfortable.  Tonight we will have updates on our recent CAPA competitions, a word from our President Clive Tonge and will feature June West presenting everything you need to know about the upcoming O3C Open Challenge.  Hope to see you all online!

Barb Marszalek, ECC Program Chair