Ad hoc Outings


Please monitor ECC website for official Outings. There will be one in September; one in October.


Etobicoke Valley Park ad hoc Outings


Meet-up: Parking lot of Etobicoke Valley Park located here at 615 Horner Ave, Toronto, Ontario


Dates and times (weather permitting):

Monday, Sept 3, 6 – 8:15 PM

Tuesday, Sept 4, 6 – 8:15 PM

Wednesday, Sept 5, 6 – 8:15


What: Scenery, including trees, creek itself at sundown is great, rapids, two water falls; plants, such as golden rod, woodland sunflowers, thistles; animals: black crowned night Herons (most every night), occasional Great Blue Heron and Egret, ducks, garter snakes, cardinals, hawks.


Please monitor weather. If rain, outing is cancelled. Bring umbrella if there is chance of rain. If heavy overcast, you may wish to pass on outing.


Conditions: a smooth tar-lined trail from parking lot in north (near Evans Ave) to Marie Curtis Park in south, approx. 2.5 kilometers. Many small trodden paths to water's edge and through slightly wilder areas.


Comments and Recommendations: Good prep and practice for autumn and landscape photography; Bring mosquito repellant, good hiking shoes or boots. We walk about one hour one way, then one hour back. Marie Curtis Park has a bathroom. Tripod is an option but a must if you intend to shoot rapids or use slow shutter speeds.


To see images of Etobicoke Valley Park click here.


John Roias

Outings Helper