Our new season will start in September. We will be meeting online until Jan 1.2021 at least. Please return here for more info at the end of August 2020.
  • Lockdown Challenge Week 8 - It was lovely to see the idea of “light” being interpreted in so many beautiful and creative ways in last week's challenge. This week's theme is “Toolbox Still Life”. Think of all those “Old Masters” paintings of bowls of fruit, but with hammers, screwdrivers etc. Just a reminder, photos are meant to be taken specifically … Continue reading "Lockdown Challenge Week 8"
  • Lockdown Challenge Week - In recognition of this Saturday being the longest day of the year, this week's challenge is "Light" From your backyard or front yard, or balcony, or window. Could be a sunrise, sunset, streetlight, starlight, headlight, porch light.Please upload your images by Sunday 6pm. Boilerplate information:If you want people to know it's your image, put your … Continue reading "Lockdown Challenge Week"
  • Lockdown Challenge Week 6! - Our Lockdown Challenge for Week 6:  Books. Clearly the “Vintage” challenge struck a chord with a lot of people. ECC members have some very interesting and beautiful objects around their homes.  Please upload your images by Sunday 6pm.  We can't wait to see all your amazing "Books" photos.

  • Open Challenge Cancelled - An email has been sent to all members with details.  Basically, this years O3C Open Challenge is cancelled.  All images uploaded have been deleted. Thank you for your participation. …posted by frank j for june w
  • O3C Open Challenge Competition UPDATE - 1. Deadline for digital submissions will be May 30th. The digital copy of your print will also be due then, but the actual print will be submitted in September before the first O3C meeting (likely Sept. 26th, but actual deadline to be announced). The price per submission is go up to $3.00 from $2.00, with … Continue reading "O3C Open Challenge Competition UPDATE"
  • O3C Open Challenge Competition - Deadlines for O3C 2020 Open Challenge Competition Digital and Print Entries. April 27 Bring prints for Open Challenge Competition on or before our last ECC meeting to give to June West so she can take them to the May 23rd O3C Rep Meeting. Read rules about Print size, depth and other restrictions from 2019 O3C … Continue reading "O3C Open Challenge Competition"
  • Denis Ippolito event sold out - Info from O3C…  “ Denise Ippolito Oct. 17 2020 event sold out". ————————- Norm Ullock, of O3C, says: We have created a wait list on the O3C website, in case we have cancellations. Please ask your members who still want tickets to add their names to the wait list  at  https://o3c.ca/gtccc-home-page/speakers-day/  ————————- …posted by frank j for … Continue reading "Denis Ippolito event sold out"
  • O3C Tours - O3C has paired up with PhotoTourTrekkers to produce trips/tours for O3C members.  Feb will have a trip to Costa Rica. March brings an exciting Weekend with Wolves in Montebello Quebec. Transportation from Toronto via a Bus including a short stop in Ottawa. For more info and signups see the Tour Page.